Mashin’ Meeces – Project Complete!

Posted by aBethke on Wednesday May 26, 2010 Under Mashin Meeces

Mashin Meeces - ScreenshotThis is a quirky but fun point and click style game in which the player revisits the comical dynamic of mice terrorizing elephants. Users have two modes of play to choose from to better customize their experience. Free Play Mode is a more relaxed style of progression allowing the users to casually sit back and mash some mice at their leisure. Challenge Mode is for users who like something with a bit more substance. Battle your way through 10 levels of game play including the Twin Terrors and finally confront the Mama Mouse.

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Mashin’ Meeces

Posted by aBethke on Tuesday Apr 27, 2010 Under Mashin Meeces

TO Jam is over and secret project 3G is about to begin. Looming on the horizon is also the release of a project Ive been working on for a long time, which is the flash game Mashin’ Meeces. Over the coming days I will be posting various information about this project along with screens and some of the various prototypes.

Mashin Meeces - Alpha Build screens

Mashin Meeces - Alpha Build

This project started off over 5 years ago without a real idea. What happened was, I had seen an interesting type of enemy movement in another game and wanted to see if I could code the same movement mechanic. I was a fresh faced lead game developer with only a couple of years experience prior to that point and was very fascinated by trying to reverse engineer interesting code. This is all basically a fancy way of saying that I saw something cool and stole it. Meheheheh. For me at the time, it was a pride thing (pride… perhaps I meant ego?) to prove that I could code basically anything I saw under the idea of “that’s not so fancy, I could do that if I was so inclined”. That’s how the original code got started but that wasn’t anything more than an exercise in code geekery…

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IndieCade 2010

Posted by aBethke on Tuesday Apr 20, 2010 Under Mashin Meeces

I’m getting really excited for this year’s IndieCade because I will be submitting a game! The project Ive been working on now for what seems like forever is almost done and the completion date will align nicely for IndieCade. Once my minions and I recognized that, we decided to target that as our final deadline and have been pushing to complete it. TO Jam this year will actually present a slight hiccup to that goal but I think I can afford the weekend to crank out another game.

I have realistic expectations about the success of the game at IndieCade, which is to say Im not expecting to blow anyone away in a landslide, but it’ll still be good to get something out there that is truly my own. Too much working for other people will make you crazy. The voices tell me that all the time. 😉

Yay for IndieCade and deadlines!

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