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Posted by aBethke on Sunday Apr 18, 2010 Under Game Development

Alrighty. Hello there all you internet types. As I am rather new to wordpress I have to play catch up on a couple of cool things that I have done over the last couple of months that would have been perfect to post in a much more timely fashion but ah well, what can you do right?

So having said that, the next few bits here will be the aforementioned items.

Game Developer Career Guide – Fall 2009

My colleague at Cryptologic, Andrew Traviss, and I were quoted in the fall Career Guide talking about Flash, Game Development and offering our advice on getting started.

Click here to read the Article

Cover Shot

Game Developer Magazine – January 2010

In a very cool turn of events I was asked to write an article for the Front Line Awards segment of GDMag for the award winner for Best Programming Tool. The winner was Flash CS4 and if you get the magazine you can check out the article I wrote reviewing and congratulating Adobe / Flash for the win.

GDMag: January 2010

IGDA – Game Dev Battle Royale

First off, this was a lot of fun! Myself, Jim McGinley, Miguel Sternberg and Daniel Steger were all asked to speak for the IGDA members in what was billed as a thunderdome style showdown of game development technologies with each speaker representing their technology and smack talking the rest. I definitely was throwing out the smack talk throughout the debate (Heh, sorry Jim, Unity is too easy to beat on even though its so powerful) but I think it would be fair to say that everyone involved had a good time.

Event Details

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