Soup Review: A Brief History

Posted by aBethke on Sunday Nov 18, 2018 Under Soup Review

At work one day I stumbled upon a conversation between two of my colleagues, a programmer and an artist, involving soup reviews. Skipping some of the personal details of the people involved, the one guy would get soups to try from the other guy’s wife’s work and then write playful about the soups for the entertainment of the couple and some of our colleagues at work. Recently however the soup reviewer ended up leaving our work for other opportunities and I have attempted to pick up the torch and continue the tradition of Soup Reviews.


Modifying the original format slightly I will be finding recipes to both make and consume, and in so doing, will review both the recipe and the result. The reviews will be sporadic, with no set schedule, because honestly, I’m just being realistic about how much time I’ll have to write soup reviews, but I love cooking and my family has got to eat so this might be a fun way to add a little extra zest to the grind of cooking food daily for the wife and kid. XD

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