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Posted by aBethke on Thursday Nov 3, 2011 Under Game Development

Peripherals Initiative
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This was a short event after a lot of work to get us to the goal. The idea behind it was to mesh game development and hardware hacking to create unique alternative peripheral devices for gaming. There was a a flight sim you pilot with your eye, a laser trip wire maze you could physically navigate, a space shooter style game with overly complex controls (by design) and my project Button Masher. My partner on this initiative, Vlad Cazan, did a great write-up on the hardware side of things so I’ll focus a bit on the games.

By the end of the project we had planned to demo 4 games: 3 two player games and 1 one player game. When it came time to integrate the two devices to my laptop and the game logic we ran into some communication issues. We scrambled to try to resolve the issues before the show but could not. Fearing having only one game to demo I stayed up most of the night coding a new 2-player on a single device turn-based strategy game (think Othello) to try to salvage the experience. Overall people were really excited about all the projects.

Our mention on the Arduino website

We prepared this extended presentation to explain a bit more about the idea behind Button Masher and how the games work.

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