Leaping Luchadores

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Wrestling has been banned in Mexico and upon hearing the news the Luchadores have gone mad with grief. No longer able to accept a world where their beloved wrestling is outlawed the grief stricken Luchadores have gone running for the cliffs to end their suffering. Little do they know that their plight has been witnessed by none other than El Christo himself. Filled with compassion, El Chisto personally steps in to save the poor Luchadores from damnation by using his love and super saviour powers to save as many Leaping Luchadores as he can.

This was the premise for Leaping Luchadores, one of the Golden Gear projects that we completed in 2010. Originally this was supposed to be a very small scale game partially to compare small project releases on portal sites against larger project releases. I wanted to get a sense of the time investment per project in terms of potential pay off from the portal sites and various related revenue generation streams. A bunch of the top portal games (and by extension portal revenue earners) turned out to be much smaller scaled games in comparison to some of the projects I had slated for development. Aside from that project level goal, the idea here was to make a small zany, if not outright insane, game that would be very easy for users to pick up and play while offering a bit of depth to keep them hooked longer.

One of the interesting things to mention with this game is that we couldnt get sponsorship. Now, I wanna take a moment and really stress this point. Not only did we not get sponsorship we couldnt even get a response out of potential sponsors at all. No rejection, no conditional sponsorship, not a single peep. Ultimately I ended up attributing this to the content: Jesus. Sponsors were probably too freaked out about the religious content to take a chance on this project which for me was very disappointing. Its one thing to be told your game isnt good enough or needs more polish, its another thing altogether to get complete radio silence from companies whose primary focus is knowing and monetizing this market.

We’ll chop limbs off, replay ww2 over and over again, but jesus love is offensive” – Tyler Moore

I thnk the thing that Seamus (aka the artist) and I found most baffling about this lack of response was that we had revised the game multiple times based on play testing it at various public events throughout the summer. From our analysis users seemed to really enjoy the game concept and got a huge laugh out of all the crazy super saviour powers. On top of play testing I had also taken the forethought to send the game out to some of my most hardcore religious friends for sensitivity testing in relation to the religious content.

Almost a year after the initial development has completed we are happy with the small game we made and get lots of enjoyment showing it to crowds at various conventions but sadly this project looks like that it will not yield revenue. The game is playable on Kongregate, Newgrounds, Mochi and our own site.

Play Now – http://www.goldengeargames.com/games/leapingluchadores/

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