In Development: Sushi Sumo

Posted by aBethke on Friday Jun 18, 2010 Under Sushi Sumo

Host 2.0

Sushi, Sumos and a dancing Japanese style game show host all done in claymation. Yes… this is really what I do full time. XP

This is one of the current projects I have underway with my colleague Seamus Vaughan handling the majority of the art work. The basic concept for the game is that it’s a one-button switch style game. 2-4 players (I haven’t decided if I’m making a single player version yet) face off in a multiplayer game. Players bounce around trying to knock each other out of the ring while eating the most sushi as its flung in from the side by mad chefs. A game ending in a tie will go into a button mashing sudden death where the sumos face off in a brute force battle… or not, I haven’t decided how I want to handle the final ties yet, that’s the current idea though.

The project itself is coming along nicely. The images you can see here are still pretty rough and theres overlap from previous placeholder images, *shrug*, I didn’t say the game was finished now did I? XP We ran into big problems with the original host. Seamus didn’t really design it well for the types of movements I had in mind. I wouldn’t really blame him as I neglected to mention what I had in store for the host. He was able to salvage the best parts, the head, and rebuild a much more functional, and comical, version.

At the moment the game is working pretty good in its alpha(ish) state with the local SmartFox server I have installed. I’m trying to get an interwebs deployed version to test against next so I can finish the development. For the time being Ill focus on the content clean-up, there is a ridiculous amount of images to crop and clean, and wait until I can get moving on the code again.

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