TO Jam 5 – Development Video Blogs (Part 1 of 3)

Posted by aBethke on Tuesday Apr 27, 2010 Under TO Jam

TO Jam 5 has concluded but the post-event fun continues. Throughout the event I recorded a series of video blogs detailing the progress of my team’s (Golden Gear) progress on our game Reentry.

The idea behind the game was that you are manually piloting a spaceship while its reentering the atmosphere and undergoing a progressive series of system malfunctions and failures. The game is survival based with your “score” being your total play time. We hit one major bug that we never got fixed before the end of the event which really hurt the final outcome of the game. Around the “third level” the ship gets stuck in a spin and the user can never get control again. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that the ship doesn’t immediately blow up and by the time it has, you’ve walked away in frustration. So you can probably guess the first thing getting fixed before the public arcade.

Here are the first 6 clips of footage (about 5 minutes total) of the 18 I shot. Enjoy!

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