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Seraph for iPad on the app store
Seraph for iPhone on the app store

Seraph is a game about a wish-born falling star in search of dreams to stay alive while avoiding Nightmares. Players control the star using a virtual DPAD or tilt based controls and have the power to slow time and cleanse most nightmares.

The game features four types of Nightmares to avoid while you soar ever faster through the night sky collecting Dreams. Golden Dreams will restore you to full health while Blue Dreams empower the star with spears to cleanse most Nightmares. Trade life for the power to slow time and survive for as long as possible.

Seraph is based on our flash game Starfall which was originally developed for the Experimental Gameplay Project’s 2010 May HIGH VELOCITY competition.


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Dirty Dancing

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Dirty Dancing was the second game that we worked on for Social Game Universe and was a partnership between SGU and Lionsgate.

Originally Alex was supposed to handle the client team lead position but it was later decided to put Andrew in charge for this game while Alex focused on post-launch Grow-Ops updates. We both contributed to the core design of the game, but on the coding side of things Andrew did the real work of the project by developing the Isometric engine on which the game runs, while Alex focused on other systems like Inventory, Sound Management and top/bottom bar UIs.

Dirty Dancing on Facebook: Play it now

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Grow-Ops was a game developed by Social Game Universe in partnership with Fremantle Media for the Facebook platform. Alex was hired (contract) to lead the development for this project but his role quickly expanded to include project management and completion of the game design.

Grow-Ops is a farming style game with combat/strategy elements that allowed you to sneak onto your friends’ yards and attack their plants. It was designed to appeal to a niche market culture of teenage to young adults; basically, the type of game that the ‘Adult Swim’ crowd would enjoy. The game focus was on beautifying your own yard by decorating and planting pretty combo crops while setting up defenses and then venturing out into the world to unleash attacks on friends and strangers, clearing their plants and replacing them with your noxious cash crops.

Grow-Ops: Play it now

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TIFF Nexus Peripherals Initiative

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Peripherals Initiative
Digifest event page

This was a short event after a lot of work to get us to the goal. The idea behind it was to mesh game development and hardware hacking to create unique alternative peripheral devices for gaming. There was a a flight sim you pilot with your eye, a laser trip wire maze you could physically navigate, a space shooter style game with overly complex controls (by design) and my project Button Masher. My partner on this initiative, Vlad Cazan, did a great write-up on the hardware side of things so I’ll focus a bit on the games.

By the end of the project we had planned to demo 4 games: 3 two player games and 1 one player game. When it came time to integrate the two devices to my laptop and the game logic we ran into some communication issues. We scrambled to try to resolve the issues before the show but could not. Fearing having only one game to demo I stayed up most of the night coding a new 2-player on a single device turn-based strategy game (think Othello) to try to salvage the experience. Overall people were really excited about all the projects.

Our mention on the Arduino website

We prepared this extended presentation to explain a bit more about the idea behind Button Masher and how the games work.

Additional Media

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