Greatest Day Ever!

Posted by aBethke on Thursday Apr 29, 2010 Under Game Development, Randomness and Ramblings

Today is my birthday! Who doesn’t love a good birthday? Normally I wouldn’t be too hyped up for a birthday at this point but this birthday is very special. Its special because I made it special as today is also…

Lex Luther holding a gun as representative of an "evil corporation"

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My Last Day at Work!

Oh man, Im fricking excited for today. I’m opening a studio! No longer will I work for the man, soon I shall be the man. Good bye old evil corporation, hello new even eviler corporation… which I will run! Woot!

Jokes aside, I am really excited about this new venture and will be posting more info shortly. XP

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Mashin’ Meeces

Posted by aBethke on Tuesday Apr 27, 2010 Under Mashin Meeces

TO Jam is over and secret project 3G is about to begin. Looming on the horizon is also the release of a project Ive been working on for a long time, which is the flash game Mashin’ Meeces. Over the coming days I will be posting various information about this project along with screens and some of the various prototypes.

Mashin Meeces - Alpha Build screens

Mashin Meeces - Alpha Build

This project started off over 5 years ago without a real idea. What happened was, I had seen an interesting type of enemy movement in another game and wanted to see if I could code the same movement mechanic. I was a fresh faced lead game developer with only a couple of years experience prior to that point and was very fascinated by trying to reverse engineer interesting code. This is all basically a fancy way of saying that I saw something cool and stole it. Meheheheh. For me at the time, it was a pride thing (pride… perhaps I meant ego?) to prove that I could code basically anything I saw under the idea of “that’s not so fancy, I could do that if I was so inclined”. That’s how the original code got started but that wasn’t anything more than an exercise in code geekery…

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TO Jam 5 – Development Video Blogs (Part 1 of 3)

Posted by aBethke on Tuesday Apr 27, 2010 Under TO Jam

TO Jam 5 has concluded but the post-event fun continues. Throughout the event I recorded a series of video blogs detailing the progress of my team’s (Golden Gear) progress on our game Reentry.

The idea behind the game was that you are manually piloting a spaceship while its reentering the atmosphere and undergoing a progressive series of system malfunctions and failures. The game is survival based with your “score” being your total play time. We hit one major bug that we never got fixed before the end of the event which really hurt the final outcome of the game. Around the “third level” the ship gets stuck in a spin and the user can never get control again. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that the ship doesn’t immediately blow up and by the time it has, you’ve walked away in frustration. So you can probably guess the first thing getting fixed before the public arcade.

Here are the first 6 clips of footage (about 5 minutes total) of the 18 I shot. Enjoy!

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TO Jam 5 Concluded

Posted by aBethke on Monday Apr 26, 2010 Under TO Jam

Another amazing TO Jam completed. 44 Hours of coding, 9 hours of sleep and perhaps just a little unaccounted for travel time. TO Jam 5 was 5 kinds of awesome.

Ill hold off posting the game for now to clean it up a bit post-jam / pre-arcade. XP

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TO Jam 5 – Beginning of the End

Posted by aBethke on Sunday Apr 25, 2010 Under TO Jam

It is around 315am when I am writing this at George Brown College on the very beginning of the final day of TO Jam. Currently we have 17 hours remaining, which of course seems like infinity but will in fact evaporate extremely quickly. Heather and I are here working away while Andrew and Kienan are catching some much needed rest. Heather will probably pass out soon, but she’s a trooper. I myself have just recovered after working for the better part of 24 hours and then slept for 9 and am back for more action and excitement.

The game is coming along nicely. Mostly Im focusing on the sound related implementations for the time being and then will switch over to the TO DO list that I have quickly amassing. Heather is watching me write this, its a bit off putting XP.

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TO Jam 5 is underway!

Posted by aBethke on Saturday Apr 24, 2010 Under TO Jam

I am currently sitting in George Brown college as an attendee (and temporary overseer, muwahahahaha) of TO Jam 5. I have not slept and have been awake for about 24 hours at this point. Our game design is well underway but will it be fun? We shall see.

I arrived around noon yesterday and have been working (for the most part) ever since. Andrew and I volunteered to relieve the organizers and were left in charge of keeping an eye on things and letting people into/out of the building if security wasn’t around (“You mean… I have authoritae?”), a great honour as far as Im concerned. But alas, at this late hour (early?) the hunger assails us and the desire for the Patrician to open grows ever steadily as the 10am hour approaches and with it the rejuvenated return of our event organizers.

The night before the event started I got to make an appearance at George Brown for a small number of students to talk a bit about flash game development and give them some sample code and an overview of how to work it. My hope is of course that something I gave them will help them out during the event.

The code is calling, but that could just be the insanity. 😉

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IndieCade 2010

Posted by aBethke on Tuesday Apr 20, 2010 Under Mashin Meeces

I’m getting really excited for this year’s IndieCade because I will be submitting a game! The project Ive been working on now for what seems like forever is almost done and the completion date will align nicely for IndieCade. Once my minions and I recognized that, we decided to target that as our final deadline and have been pushing to complete it. TO Jam this year will actually present a slight hiccup to that goal but I think I can afford the weekend to crank out another game.

I have realistic expectations about the success of the game at IndieCade, which is to say Im not expecting to blow anyone away in a landslide, but it’ll still be good to get something out there that is truly my own. Too much working for other people will make you crazy. The voices tell me that all the time. 😉

Yay for IndieCade and deadlines!

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TO Jam – A Beginner’s Guide – Part 1 of 7

Posted by aBethke on Monday Apr 19, 2010 Under TO Jam

Quick Overview
If you are reading this you probably already know what TO Jam is but just in case, the quick and dirty is that it’s the single greatest Toronto based event all year. 72 hours of video game making madness where you and your cohorts (who must be equally insane to have signed up) will take a game from concept to complete. Noobs, Veterans and the spectrum in between will be in attendance all trying to make the greatest of Toronto Indie games.

As someone with experience in game development and TO Jam I wanted to offer some advice on the event to anyone who was interested. 🙂

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TO Jam – A Beginner’s Guide – Part 2 of 7

Posted by aBethke on Monday Apr 19, 2010 Under TO Jam

Why attend TO Jam?
At TO Jam, there are a wide range of participants from beginners to professionals. Various people attend the event for different reasons and I thought I would start with a quick breakdown of some of the reasons why someone would want to be involved with TO Jam.

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TO Jam – A Beginner’s Guide – Part 3 of 7

Posted by aBethke on Monday Apr 19, 2010 Under TO Jam

Finding a Team
So you have decided to attend the event and need a team. First off, good for you! TO Jam, as was previously stated and will certainly be stated again, is an awesome event. Ahh but now you are faced with the logistical challenges of finding a team. You have a number of options:

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